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Poland (Polska) - spa resorts & hotels

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Orientation country map Poland (Polska) within Europe. Flag - Poland (Polska).

There are 43 health resorts and about 70 resorts that have sufficient advantages to become health resorts. However, while the number of resorts mentioned above is not large, huge natural riches have accumulated at these facilities, and they may serve or are serving those who would like to recover and restore their health.

Polish health resorts are located in the most beautiful regions of our country and offer visitors good health and the restoration of mental and physical strength. They also provide wonderful sports and recreation conditions. Our health resorts are excellently prepared in all respects to fulfil their role.

These treatment facilities offer a very high standard of procedures, qualified personnel and medical staff from the very first day of your visit till the last.

The accommodation standards at Polish health resorts are also very high. And those who would like to take advantage of landscape and tourist attractions while certainly not be disappointed.

Rich curative and therapeutic programmes are supplemented by a wide range of tourist, recreational, sport, and cultural opportunities. Polish health resorts are oases of clean air, water and earth.

We cordially invite you to come visit our Polish health resorts, to see for yourself the high quality they offer.

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