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Slovakia (Slovenská Republika) - spa resorts & hotels

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Orientation country map Slovakia (Slovenská Republika) within Europe. Flag - Slovakia (Slovenská Republika).

The country of Slovakia is extremely rich in mineral and medicinal springs (at present there are more than 1,200 curative springs), and is one of the European countries where traditional spa treatment is most developed.

On the subject of European development, traces of prehistoric settlements as well as settlements from later periods are, as a rule, discovered near mineral and thermal springs. The Slav population gave mineral spring sites names that would express their special qualities: temperature, taste, colour, etc.

The first systematic description of mineral waters and curative spas in Slovakia was presented and documented in a thesis by Juraj Wernher, published in Basle in 1549.

Spa treatment in Slovakia has traditionally been all-inclusive, and, in addition to balneological, physical and rehabilitation treatment, the full range of modern diagnostic and therapeutic methods are applied.

The widespread occurrence of mineral springs throughout Slovakia, their differences in chemical composition and physical characteristics, are the result of the varied geological and tectonic structure of the land in the region of the West Carpathians.

Thermal springs in Slovakia occur mainly in the following classifications: sulphurous thermal waters (Piešťany, Trenčianske Teplice), calcium sulphate thermal waters (Sklené Teplice, Turčianske Teplice, Kováčová), plain thermal waters (Bojnice, Rajecké Teplice), carbonic thermal waters (Sliač, Dudince).

At present the Slovak state officially recognises 25 spa towns. All the sources are the property of the state, and are protected by specific statutes. The spa towns have charters for the spa facilities that provide for development and protection of the spa site. Spa treatment in the Slovak Republic is part of the country’s health service. All spas providing medical treatments have fully equipped medical facilities. Each spa town has its scientifically established sets of indications that match the properties of the local natural medicinal source. Slovak health resorts offer a broad range of treatments, from acute spa rehabilitation after serious health problems, traditional spa treatments for primary and secondary prevention, as well as a wide assortment of recuperative, reconditioning or wellness stays.

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