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Germany (Deutschland) - spa resorts & hotels

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Over 300 therapeutic spas and health resorts in Germany invite you to recuperate with them. Discover the unique combination of centuries-old spa culture and the delightful beauty of the countryside in pleasant social and cultural surroundings. The Romans already recognised the health-giving properties of thermal baths, and cultivated the development of spas in Germany. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the therapeutic spas developed into luxurious social meeting places for aristocrats and the wealthy who enjoyed the soothing preventative and natural curative effects of the earth, sea and climate. Sebastian Kneipp’s world-famous physiotherapy drew thousands to Germany from all over the world looking for relief. “Made in Germany” also stands for the epitome of quality when it comes to spas, both as to the quality of the typical local cures and the associated medical or therapeutic specialist expertise. Be treated like royalty while enjoying a traditional cure, a special wellness package, an individual preventative health care special, or simply during a convalescent stay. Discover the flair of past times in the spa architecture, and relax in ultra-modern thermal baths and spa surroundings. Nature gives each season its own charm, and encourages popular sports activities. Expanded hiking and cycle paths, private walking parks, terrain treatment paths, lovingly designed curative parks and fascinating winter sports landscapes lure beginners as well as professionals. Above and beyond relaxation and movement, good and healthy nutrition also contribute to the harmonious integration of body, mind and soul. Enjoy the various regional specialities in typical cosy restaurants, or indulge yourselves with international cuisine in legendary restaurants. A selection of wines and the famous local beer, brewed to German standards of purity, perfect your culinary experience.

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