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Hungary (Magyarország) - spa resorts & hotels

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Orientation country map Hungary (Magyarország) within Europe. Flag - Hungary (Magyarország).

Hungary is the land of thermal water. A passion for spa culture and Hungarian history have been connected from the very beginning. It has been shown that Hungarian spa culture is multicultural. The basis of this claim is architecture. Hungarian spas feature Roman, Greek, Turkish, and northern country architectural elements.

Due to an advantageous geographical location thermal water can be found with good quality and in great quantities on over 80% of Hungary’s territory. According to the journal of a medieval Turkish traveller, Evlia Celebi, if a person inserts a stick in the ground, thermal water will spring to the surface.

Approximately 1,500 thermal springs can be found in Hungary. About the half of these are used for bathing.

The spa culture has a nearly 2,000 year history in Budapest. Budapest has the richest supply of thermal water among the capitals of the world. The amount of thermal water used in Budapest is roughly equal to two million bath tubs per day.

There are approximately 450 public baths in Hungary. Nowadays the trend shows that bath operators are modernizing their facilities and expanding the services offered.

A total of 50 of the 160 public baths are qualified as spas throughout the country. Services are offered for healing purposes. These spas provide every type of balneal and physical therapy. Throughout history bathing and spa tourism has always played an important role in Hungary.

Hungary boasts numerous baths facilities that are registered as historic buildings. The special atmosphere, the healing water, as well as respected doctors and experts annually attract guests from all over the world.

So come visit Hungary and the Hungarian spas; you will certainly appreciate the opportunities for relaxation and spa health treatments.

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