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Romania (România) - spa resorts & hotels

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Orientation country map Romania (România) within Europe. Flag - Romania (România).

A third of all European mineral water springs are found in Romania. The water is used for both drinking and therapeutic purposes. Spread throughout the country, Romanian spas are true “health resources,” and feature, among others, mineral and thermal water, mud, and therapeutic gas emanations. The climate and the landscape, lakes with therapeutic waters, and the mud are the most popular attractions.

Add to these the human touch of specialized personnel to contribute to the restoration, prevention, and maintenance of health, a diversified infrastructure adapted to the health industry (hotels and pensions, treatment facilities equipped with the most modern medical equipment), traditional methods and natural products, and potential guests can have a complete image of the Romanian health spa potential.

Modern man, overwhelmed by daily stress, a sedentary life, and a workaholic professional life, often neglects his own health. “Health vacations” then become an alternative for individuals without specific health problems – holidays that combine rejuvenation, active relaxation, and preventative health measures.

Wellness vacations are increasingly a “must” for active individuals willing to care for their health, to disconnect from daily stress, and “recharge their batteries” during short, periodical vacations.

Put a value on your life by taking care of your health! We are looking forward to seeing you at Romanian spas!

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