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Estonia (Eesti) - spa resorts & hotels

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Orientation country map Estonia (Eesti) within Europe. Flag - Estonia (Eesti).

The beautiful sandy beaches, numerous sanatoria, hotels, mud and water cure centres of Estonia attract tens of thousands of tourists and patients annually from various countries.

It is remarkable for such a small country to have so many historically developed resort cities and areas. In addition to Pärnu, Haapsalu, Kuressaare, and Narva-Jõesuu, you are welcome in Tallinn, Viimsi, Toila, Värska, Kubija, and Pühajärve. We have quite a range to choose from!

Therapeutic mud is to be found in several parts of Estonia, and its health-giving effects have been known in folk medicine since the earliest times. The first resorts in the current meaning of the term were already well established in the 1820s and ‘40s. Local sea-water and mud were in use under medical supervision for therapeutic purposes in adapted or purpose-built institutions. There is one well known fact about all major therapeutic resort procedures: if they are performed close to home, their health-giving effects are inferior to those carried out in a resort. Why? Just because the overall change of climate, harmonised daily routines, everyday care and the opportunities for spending time in a healthy way combine with treatment to produce much enhanced outcomes.

Nowadays the major goals of resort-type treatments are preventative and resort cures that help prevent diseases becoming chronic.

16 Estonian therapeutic resort institutions belong to the Estonian Spa Association, a member of the European Spa Association. The following pages provide a good overview of the various cure and relaxation opportunities in Estonian resorts.

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