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Spain (España) - spa resorts & hotels

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Human beings have been fascinated by water for ages. Spas are the unique heritage of the rich thermal culture tradition that Greeks, Romans, and Arabs had already practised in our country. Many studies have revealed that the characteristics of various minerals dissolved in water help cure or improve numerous illness or injuries.

But the spas are not only useful for the treatment of ailments or their prevention. They are also an ideal place to take a break and spend a few days relaxing, recovering strength and health, in the open nature, surrounded by silence and peace, away from the stress of city life, in order to enjoy a real health holiday.

The use of mineral-curative water can be external or internal, by means of baths, showers, and drinks. The use of this water in spas, under expert medical supervision, is able to produce amazing beneficial results in our body and mind. The thermal stations are a source of health and can provide important services to society, including care for infants, the elderly, remedies against stress, preparation for athletes, and many others. Despite the popular notion that spas are the exclusive domain of the older generation, young people are increasingly visiting these facilities.

Supplementing the old traditional treatments passed down by our ancestors, new treatments exist nowadays like slimming cures, beauty, anti-cellulite, rejuvenation; these grow in popularity every year.

There are more than one hundred active thermal stations in Spain providing accommodations. The level of these facilities range from cosy hostels up to luxury hotels providing a wide range of comforts.

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