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Portugal - spa resorts & hotels

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Water, an essential element for both life and health, also contributes towards our beauty and well-being, and is now increasingly used in all types of treatments that are known to be effective in overcoming stress and fatigue.

Aware of the indisputable virtues of Portuguese mineral waters, the Romans were the first to build spas here, and both the number and size of the ruins that have remained from that time testify to the importance that they attached to the healing properties of this vital element.

The time when spas were promoted by their owners and sought after by patients as facilities for treating specific ailments has long since passed. Today there is a need to publicize and revitalize these genuine sanctuaries of well-being as peaceful and hospitable retreats offering close contact with nature and as places that are able to significantly increase the quality of life of those who visit them.

As far as this latter aspect is concerned, Portuguese spas have established themselves as a high-quality tourism product and this web site undoubtedly makes a valuable contribution towards their promotion and further dissemination.

Salus per acqua, certainly, but also beauty, pleasure and the opportunity to replenish your energy: this is what is offered to you by the magnificent Portuguese spas that are presented here and which we cordially invite you to visit.

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