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Mataruška Banja - spa resort & hotels

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Mataruska Spa is in central Serbia, 160 km south of Belgrade and 8 km away from Kraljevo, on the slopes of Mount Stolovi (1.375m) and at 215 m above sea level.

Mataruska Spa has springs of mineral water (with temperatures ranging from 42 to 51 degrees Celsius) with a high percentage of sulphur (25 milligrams per litre).

Medical indications: degenerative rheumatic illnesses, inflammatory rheumatic illnesses in their calm clinical and laboratory phases, post-operative conditions after corrective surgery on the locomotive apparatus, chronic gynaecological illnesses and consequential, both primary and secondary, sterility, ticks and paralyses of the peripheral motor neuron, skin diseases.

Treatment is provided by the Natural health centre "Mataruska i Bogutovacka Banja" and the Institute for specialized rehabilitation "Agens" in Mataruska Spa.

Mataruska Spa provides extraordinary conditions for recreation of working people and pensioners, preparation of sportsmen (football, handball, volleyball, basketball), congressional tourism (seminars, conferences, symposiums) as well as educational tourism. The spa is surrounded by a rich cultural and historical heritage: monasteries Zica (13th century), Studenica (12th century), Ljubostinja (14th century) and the medieval town of Maglic (14th century). The surrounding mountains of Stolovi, Troglav and Cemerno are very pleasant for excursions, hunting and mountaineering.