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Lithuania (Lietuva) - spa resorts & hotels

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Orientation country map Lithuania (Lietuva) within Europe. Flag - Lithuania (Lietuva).

A mineral water convalescent home operated near Biržai dates back to 1587. The first patients received treatment in Birštonas in 1846. Palanga was already known at the beginning of the 19th century for its climate and seawater.

Lithuanian resorts operate as health resorts for secondary prevention, i.e. to stop the progress of chronic diseases, prevent their exacerbation, to treat individuals with the incapacity to work, to protect patients from development of disabilities, and to improve the quality of life.

The healing factors of Lithuanian resorts - mineral water, peaty mud, and the climate - are effective for the treatment of cardiovascular, peripheral and central nervous system, joint and spine, digestive, gynaecological, skin, and endocrine diseases.

The key resort ingredients currently used are mineral water, peaty mud, and the unique resort microclimate. Currently, over 20 mineral water wells operate in Lithuanian resorts. Calcium-sodium-chloride mineral waters are most widely used. Significant quantities of sulphate, bromine, and magnesium are found in some wells. Their mineralization accounts for 3 g/l to 115 g/l, which determines the methods of using water for treatment and the indications. Chlorine ions constitute more than 80 equivalents/%, while the composition of cations is more diverse: sodium, calcium, magnesium. This mineral water does not have specific components and properties. Low and medium mineralization water is used for drinking. The mineralization of calcium-sodium-chloride mineral water applied externally fluctuates between 10 g/l and 40 g/l; the optimal mineralization is 20–40 g/l.

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