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Zvonačka Banja - spa resort & hotels

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Zvonacka Spa is located in south-eastern Serbia, 50 km away from Pirot, on the woody hillsides of Mount Vlaska at 670 m above sea level.

There are springs of mineral water in the spa, whose temperature is 28 degrees Celsius. The spa is treated as a climatic resort because of its specific wind currents and a vast quantity of negative ions in the air.

Medical indications: diseases of the locomotive apparatus, neural diseases (neuralgias, neurasthenia, psychoneuroses, vegetative neuroses), hypertension, peripheral circulation disorders, rheumatism, managerial diseases, menopausal disorders, inflammatory eye disorders.

Natural curative factors are used for prevention and treatment, using the most modern therapeutic techniques, along with nature hikes along health tracks.

In the near vicinity of the spa there is the picturesque gorge of the Jerma river. The Arsenovo Kale cliff, at 1032 m above sea level, is the only spot in Serbia where one can see the nesting places of the black eagle. In the vicinity is the attractive Vetrena dupka cave, with a 4 km long canal. Near the spa, not far from Mir hotel, there are several mediaeval monasteries, of which the most precious is Poganovo (dating from the 14th century), a part of the worldly cultural heritage and under UNESCO protection, along with Sukovo and Temska monasteries. In the spa there are two indoor and one outdoor swimming pools with mineral water as well as basketball, football, volleyball and tennis courts. There are possibilities for hunting fishing and mountaineering on Alaska and Stare mountains. The untouched nature which surrounds the spa is very pleasant for hiking and picnicking.