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Velingrad - spa resort & hotels

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Velingrad is situated in the picturesque Chepino Valley in the northwest part of Rhodopis Mountain, at about 800 m above sea level. Surrounded by venerable oaks and pine-trees, famous for its perfect climatic conditions, rich with different types of mineral waters, Velingrad is the most popular spa place for rest and treatment in Bulgaria.

The legend says that Orpheus, the greatest musician and poet of Greek mythology, whose songs charmed wild beasts and coaxed even rocks and trees into movement, lived here.

Thanks to the unique natural resources, Velingrad is a place where you can have your treatment or spend your vacation. You may go fishing to the numerous lakes and reservoirs around the town, make picnics and excursions to the mountains. The beautiful countryside and the mild climate complement one another. Atmospheric pressure is low; average annual temperature is 9°C. Winters are mild, summers are cool, autumn is warmer and longer than spring. The air is fresh and pure. Mineral waters are the greatest treasure of the spa town. Velingrad’s mineral water basin is one of the largest in the country. The town is also known as the Spa capital of Bulgaria. The total capacity of the mineral springs is about 143 l/s. There are over 80 thermal springs, grouped into four hydrothermal sources which differ in physic-chemical characteristic and temperature. From south to north the temperature goes rises from 48°C to 94°C, the mineralization increases, the ionic composition changes and the pH from alkaline goes down to neutral reaction. The waters of the southern group are rich in radon, with temperature 48-52°C (springs in Chepintsi and Ladzhane) and hydro-carbonate ions predominate. The northern group waters are hotter with more sulfate ions than hydro-carbonate, rich in hydro-sulfide and sulfured hydrogen, and the quantity of met-silica acid and fluorine is higher. The great variety of various types of mineral water makes Velingrad unique as spa destination; it is one location that can cure nearly any disease.