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Varchets - spa resort & hotels

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The spa town of Varshets is located in picturesque surroundings on the northern slopes of the western part of the Balkan Mountains. Both the hot mineral springs and the beautiful and unspoiled nature make the town a popular spa and tourist destination. Varshets has a long history as a spa resort. The symbol of the town is the Thracian boy-god Thelesfo, a bronze statue of whom dating from the 2nd century BC was found near the town. During the times of the Roman Empire the town was known under the name of Medeka (from Medicus- curative).

Nowadays Varshets is both a spa and climatic resort. Its altitude is 380 m above sea level. The climate is mild, fresh and pure; the average annual temperature is 10.2 degrees Celsius. The mineral waters are hot, mildly mineralized, hydro-carbon-sulfate-sodium, and have a pH of 8.68. The water is very tasty and is used for drinking cures, external treatment and inhalations. Over the past two centuries the resort has become famous especially as a place for the treatment of disorders of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, as well as metabolic, gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases.