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Starozagorski Mineralni Bani - spa resort & hotels

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The resort is situated 360 m above sea level, in the southern part of the Sredna gora Mountains, among oaks, yoke-elms, hazel bushes and pine trees. The climate is moderate continental with a Mediterranean influence.

The mineral waters were used in antiquity by the Thracians and Romans because of their curative effect. The centre of the resort features partialy restored Roman bath ruins. The women’s bath was built in 1673, followed 100 years later by the men’s bath, and both are still in operation today.

Near the spa resort is a chapel, built at the holy place called “Virgin’s step”. According to legend the Holy Virgin left her footprint on the rock.

Guests of the spa may visit the oldest copper mines found in Europe (5000 B.C.), enjoy a walk in the mountains, and climb the peak “Maiden’s breast”.

The mineral water is hot, with a mineralization of 498mg/l, a pH of 6.9, are hydro-carbonate-calcium-magnesium, with free carbon dioxide.

The water is ideal for external use and drinking for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the gastro-intestinal, hepatic and renal systems.