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Selters Banja - spa resort & hotels

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Selters Spa is 1 km away from Mladenovac, 46 km away from Belgrade, at the foot of Mount Kosmaj (136 m above sea level). The climate of the spa is moderate continental, with a lot of sunny days throughout the year and dominant winds from Mounts Kosmaj, Bukulja and Vencac.

Selters spa has a hyper-thermal alkaline-hydrochloric carbo-acidic mineral water "Selters", with a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius, which is used in drinking, bathing and inhalation. The water has been used in medical treatment since 1908, and as a natural healing aid it was rewarded in Brussels in 1906, and in London in 1907. Between the two World Wars it was officially sold in Serbian, French and German pharmacies.

Medical indications: locomotive system illnesses and damages, rheumatic degenerative and inflammatory illnesses of the spine and joints, post-traumatic states, illnesses caused by vibration, chronic diseases of the respiratory system, diseases of the peripheral blood vessels, diseases of the peripheral nervous system and consequences of central nervous system damages caused by vascular perturbance.

The waters of Selters Spa are used for drinking and bathing, using the most contemporary therapeutic methods.

Selters Spa is surrounded by a park covering an area of 18 hectares, with evergreen woods very suitable for walking and relaxation. In the near vicinity there is Mount Kosmaj (890 m), Oplenac, Bukovicka Spa, Markovacko lake, Mount Avala, the Pavlovac monastery.