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Sandanski - spa resort & hotels

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Sandanski is famous from the times of antiquity for its magical climate and the curative mineral springs. The town is both a climatic and spa resort and is popular as the best natural healing place for bronchial asthma in Europe.

In antiquity there was a large Roman bath, the Slav’s name of the town was “Saint Vrach” (vrach means physician). Legend has it that this was where Spartacus – leader of Roman slaves, lived and obtained his power and energy.

The resort is situated between Sofia and Thessalonica, near the border with Greece and Macedonia.

Sandanski is built in the shape of an amphitheatre at the southwest foot of Mt. Pirin, at 220-240 m above sea level. This is the warmest town in the country and one may take outdoor baths throughout the year. The air is pure, the humidity low, the winter is mild, and snow and fog nearly unknown. Not far from the resort are the Rozhen Monastery, one of the most interesting religious and cultural centers in the country, and Melnik, a town famous for its wine and sandy rocks. Not far from Sandanski, at 12 km, is situated a unique lake with radon spring mud.

The mineral water is hot, mineralized, rich in fluoride and radon, hydro-carbonate and sulfate ions and met-silica acid. Because of its mineral waters and favorable climate Sandanski is a popular place for the treatment of respiratory diseases and disorders of the skin, bones, muscles, and joints.