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Rudnik - spa resort & hotels

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A mountain town on the highest mountain of the Sumadija region (with around 2000 inhabitants), located between 500 and 700 m above sea level. It is 100 km away from Belgrade, and the nearest towns are Gornji Milanovac (15 km away), Arandjelovac (40 km away), Ljig (35 km away), Cacak (37 km away), Topola (19 km away) and Kragujevac (55 km away). It is connected to all of these towns by means of asphalt roads.

The whole area is woody (mostly deciduous trees, among which is the very rare mountain maple, endemic to the Balkan peninsula). Eight mountain tops, over 1000 m high, of which Veliki Sturac is the highest – 1132 m. Excellent climatic conditions (sunny days throughout the year, high air ionization, fresh air currents and an unpolluted environment) have a healing effect on the human body and mind. Rudnik was classified as an air spa in 1922 and was governed by an auctioneering society.

Rudnik was populated in the times of the Tribes and Celts; it was also a Roman mining colony, a treasury of Master Nikola Altomanovic before the battle of Marica and King Dragutin Nemanjic. Seven kilometres away from the Misa town is the sacristy of the Saxon miners, as well as Gradovi, the remains of an ancient fortress. On the Ostrvice top are the remains of Empress Jerina's town. In the town, there is the monument of Duke Arsenije Lom. In the surrounding area, in a 30 km diameter, there are monasteries: Vracevsnica, Blagovestenje, Nikolje, Voljavca and Vujan, picnic areas: Savina (the endowment church of Prince Milos) and Takovo (monuments to the Second Serbian Uprising, the cabin church from the 18th century, a museum).

Sports courts for football, handball, basketball and volleyball; mountain hiking paths for walking and daily picnicking, mountaineering and splendid opportunities for hunting.