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Reykjavik - spa resort & hotels

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The first thing you should do when you arrive in Reykjavik is have a glass of water. The drinking water in Reykjavik is so excellent that it is called the champagne of the North.

Water is one of the main things about Reykjavik – sea water, sweet water and geothermal hot springs welling up from far deep down under. All cities have their own special characteristics: New York is like a market square where different nations and cultures meet and melt together; Paris is cafés, museums, the River Seine and the Eiffel tower; besides water in all its different forms, Reykjavik’s character lies in its closeness to nature, fresh clean air, the Thermal pools and the hot-pots with all their hot water, where the people of the town go to nurture their health and well-being, relax, discuss and enjoy the company of family, friends and others.

The Thermal pools and hot-pots are by far the most popular places for foreign tourists in Reykjavik to go to. They get the highest rating by tourists: 78 points out of a possible 100 for service and easy access from all over the city and neighbouring towns. In the city of Reykjavik itself there are seven Thermal pools with several hot-pots. If you want to get to know the British, you go to their pubs. If you want to get to know the French, you go to their cafés. If you want to get to know the Icelanders, particularly the inhabitants of Reykjavik, you go to the Thermal pools and the hot-pots.

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