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Pribojska Banja - spa resort & hotels

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Pribojska Spa is located 5 km away from Priboj, on the banks of the river Lim. It is at 530 m above sea level, so it is considered as an air resort.

The spa has several thermal mineral springs. The strongest of them provides 70 litres of water per second, with a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius.

Medical indications: chronic rheumatic inflammation of the articular and muscular systems, neuralgias, inflammation of peripheral nerves, polyneuritis, gynaecological diseases, consequences of bone and muscle injuries, convalescent states, skin diseases - it accelerates the healing of wounds, scabbing, and healing of skin changes caused by consequences of diabetes and weak peripheral circulation.

The water is used PER OS (by drinking) with functional diseases of the digestive tract and hepatobiliary system (swelling, painful digestion) and conditions after surgery on these systems, and its pH value and low mineralization are recommended in any micro-calculous states of the urinary and biliary tracts.

Treatment is provided by the hospital of the Centre for rehabilitation "Pribojska Spa", by applying modern methods for treatment and rehabilitation.

Single-day trips to Zlatibor, Zlatar and Jabuka mountains, as well as the Mileseva monastery, whereas Potpecko and Radojinsko lakes and the Lim and Uvac rivers offer many opportunities for passionate fishermen to spend their free time there.