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Piešťany - spa resort & hotels

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The spa town of Piešťany with 31,000 inhabitants is situated in the southwestern part of Slovakia, on the banks of the Váh River, at an altitude of 162 metres above sea level. The spa is located in a fertile valley on the boundary between the river bed and the Považský Inovec Mountains, directly at the point where the Váh River widens and creates man-made Lake Slňava. This wonderful location creates ideal conditions for an unforgettable health holiday. The climate is favourable, summers are long and warm, and winters are short and mild. Piešťany and it’s surroundings are also sought-after year-round because they boast the highest number of sunny days in Slovakia (265 days on average). Piešťany is located 80 km from the Slovak capital of Bratislava and 140 km from Vienna, the capital of Austria.

Piešťany Spa provides the perfect environment for the restoration of our guests well-being and for relaxation and beauty through the use of high-quality curative treatments, the application of state-of the art medical and rehabilitation methods and of course a unique curative mud.

This combined with the use of Piešťany’s natural mineral water, curative gases, and other effective medical treatments, gives guests a perfect opportunity to recuperate and improve their health in the pleasant, stress-free environment of the spa oasis.

Piešťany Spa offers packages from just a few days up to several weeks depending on the needs of guests. The basic therapeutic program is a traditional spa stay. In addition, special curative programs featuring balneal, therapeutic, and rehabilitation treatments are offered to meet the specific needs of individual guests.

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