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Ovčar Banja - spa resort & hotels

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Ovcar Banja is located in the central part of Serbia. It is 18 km away from Cacak, and somewhat more than 150 km away from Belgrade. The Spa is in the heart of the Ovcarsko-Kablarska gorge, at 279 m above sea level, and it is surrounded by the woody mountains of Ovcar (985 m) and Kablar (889 m). The climate of Ovcar Spa is moderate continental.

Thermal water with temperatures ranging from 36 to 38 degrees Celsius, pH value of 7, hardness of 8,7 mgE/1 and 0,66 milligrams per litre mineralization level.

Medical indications: rheumatic illnesses, degenerative rheumatism, spondylitis, arthrosis, consequences of bone breaks, nervous system illnesses.

Treatment consists of bathing in warm water and wrapping the diseased body parts. The following therapies are used during treatment: balneo-, physical- and hydro-therapy, peloids, massage and medication. Health control is supervised by the medical staff of the Cacak Medical Centre in its ward in Ovcar Spa.

Ovcarsko-Kablarska gorge is one of the most beautiful gorges in Serbia, characterized by an immense landscape diversity and a very important cultural and historical heritage embodied in the nine monasteries from 14th and 15th centuries. The gorge is a unique monument of geological development and an area of diverse and significant flora and fauna. In the near vicinity of Ovcar Spa, on Zapadna Morava river, two artificial lakes (Ovcarsko-Kablarsko and Medjuvrsje) were built; they offer numerous possibilities for sports fishing and tourism. Next to a nicely decorated camp there is a swimming pool with thermal mineral water, so the bathing season is open from May to September.

In Ovcar Spa, many cultural and sports take place during the months of summer.