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Niška Banja - spa resort & hotels

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Niska Spa is a small and quiet tourist place (spa) in the south-eastern part of Serbia. It is 10 km away from Nis, the second biggest town in Serbia, and 250 km away from the capital, Belgrade, situated on the international motorway to Sofia.

The area of Niska Spa is characterized by a moderate continental climate which in the medical sense belongs to the category of soothing, sedating climates and is appropriate for medical treatment, rest and relaxation.

Niska Spa is a natural health resort, well-known since the times of the Roman empire. Its healing effects and specific characteristics are due to radon thermal mineral waters and natural mineral peloid.

Medical indications: diseases of the locomotive apparatus, cardiovascular diseases, conditions after surgical revascularization of myocardium, rehabilitation of patients after endo-prosthesis of the hip and knee implants, post-traumatic conditions, injuries of the central and peripheral motor neuron, inflammations and inflammatory and functional sterility.

Treatment is provided by the Institute for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of rheumatic and cardiovascular diseases "Nisak Banja".

The facilities of Niska Spa are located in a nicely decorated park covering five hectares, with park-woods Koritnik in its vicinity, with arranged trim-courses.

Niska Spa has numerous courts for sports competitions and recreation: football pitches, handball and tennis courts, a horse-racing track with indoor and outdoor recreational horse-riding programmes, and a bowling alley.

The sightseeing tours of Nis, as well as visits to cultural and historical monuments of Mediana, Cele Tower, an 18th century fortress and restored buildings from the period of the Turkish rule, can be organized from the spa. Excursions to the near and far vicinity, visits to Kamenicki heights, the river Bojana's waters, Sicevacka gorge, are also organized.