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The Curonian Spit is a unique landscape, multi-sided strip of land. Its uniqueness is comprised of a surface created by the sea and the wind, the highest spit in the whole of Northern Europe, lagoon marl prints, remains of former lagoon forests and soil brought by the wind and constant peculiar eolic processes.

A considerable contribution to the formation of the existing uniqueness of the Curonian Spit was made by humans, who after relentless annihilation of the spit’s forests started the work of reforestation. The process of regeneration was long and hard; therefore, current natural and introduced vegetation, rare plants that are unique to this region, their communities, and their growth locations request special care. Such care is also necessitated by tracks left by humans in this region, since “the most important task is to preserve and propagate the region’s culture together with its creators – local residents – and with the natural environment, where the culture had blossomed and left its tracks.”

The natives of the spit, who had created an original ethnic community of fishermen, disappeared during the War and post-War period. Only the spit, forests, and empty fishermen’s settlements remained. During the post-War period, the territory was populated by immigrants from the Great Lithuania and other republics, which were a part of the contemporary Soviet Union.