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Kuršumlijska Banja - spa resort & hotels

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Kursumlijska Spa is in the south of Serbia, at 442 m above sea level. It is 11 km away from Kursumlija, 301 km away from Belgrade and 81 km away from Nis.

Kursumlijska spa has several curative water springs (with temperatures ranging from 14 to 63 degrees Celsius). Apart from thermal waters, Kursumljiska Spa is also known for its curative thermal mineral peloid (mud).

Because of its specific location and natural surroundings (woods, clear air and pure spring water), Kursumlijska Spa is also classified as a climatic resort.

Medical indications: injuries and illnesses of the locomotive system, rheumatic illnesses, illnesses of the respiratory organs, diabetes, gynaecological and neurological illnesses, metabolic diseases, anaemia in children and adults.

At the Institute for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries and illnesses of the locomotive system, neurological and gynaecological illnesses "Zubor", therapy is given through the application of the most contemporary methods.

The guests are given the possibility of guided tours around the town vicinity, the town of Kursumlija, well-known for the St. Nicolas and Holy Mother churches, the endowments of Stefan Nemanja. There is also a possibility of organizing field trips to Djavolja Varos, a natural phenomenon unique worldwide, located on the slope of Mount Radan, not far from Prolom Spa.