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Kütahya - spa resort & hotels

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Kütahya is a city in western Turkey with 170,000 inhabitants, at 930 metres above sea level. The history of Kütahya dates back 7,000 years. The first civilization on this eastern Aegean land happened to be the Phrygians. The migration of Phrygian civilization caused the collapse of the Hittite Empire in 1,200 B.C. The Kimmers, Lydians, Persians, Alexander the Great, the Roman and Byzantine Empires, became, in chronological order, later rulers of the Kütahya region. Since the invasion of the Turkish tribes, Kütahya has always been an important city for the Seljukian State of Anatolia and the Ottoman Empire. In that time, Kütahya emerges as a centre for the Ottoman ceramic industry, producing tiles and porcelain for mosques, churches and official buildings throughout the Middle East.

You can sense a lot of the history by looking at the historical inheritance of the city. Kütahya's old neighbourhoods are dominated by traditional Ottoman houses made of wood and stucco, some of the best examples being found along Germiyan Caddesi. The Kütahya region has large areas of gentle slopes with agricultural land culminating in high mountain ridges to the north and west.

The industries of Kütahya have long traditions, going back to ancient times. Kütahya is famous for its kiln products, such as tiles and pottery, which are glazed and multicoloured. Modern industries are sugar refining, tanning, nitrate processing and different products of meerschaum, which is extracted nearby. The local agriculture produces cereals, fruits and sugar beet. Livestock is also of great importance. Not far from Kütahya there are significant mines extracting lignite.

With 6 different thermal areas, Kutahya is one of the most important thermal sites in Turkey. These thermal resources are currently mainly used in the treatment of rheumatic diseases and, to a lesser extent, of circulatory and endocrine system problems, and even more just for well-being… The Yoncalı thermal area is recognisable for its natural mineral waters that mainly consist of calcium, magnesium and sulphur. Other than the spa hotel in Yoncali, there is a physical therapy and rehabilitation hospital owned and managed by the Turkish Ministry of Health.