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Klimkovice - spa resort & hotels

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The spa at Klimkovice can be found in the wooded foothills of the Nízký Jeseník range set in a beautiful landscape with superb views of the Beskydy Mountains. This architecturally unique complex of buildings with disabled access has an ultramodern interior. The colonnade is adorned with a modern 20th-century fountain. At the spa itself unconventional treatments are performed in an energy pyramid. The local mineral water can be compared with sea water from the Dead Sea. Numerous social events and the tranquil ambience of the spa compliment the comprehensive range of procedures on offer.

The local mineral water rich in iodine and bromine is in fact ancient sea water. The level of iodine in the water is over 900 times that of normal sea water and the concentration of minerals is almost twice as high. The spa specializes in rehabilitation following joint replacement, rheumatism, gout, neuralgia, skin disease, anemia, high blood pressure and gynecological complaints. The water is a bio-stimulant as it aids nutrition and improves the function of the cardiovascular and immune systems as well as having anatural disinfectant effect.

The spa has many sports facilities including minigolf, tennis, cycling, hiking, table tennis and billiards.

Official presentation of the spa location:

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