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Ivanjica - spa resort & hotels

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Ivanjica is in southwest Serbia, 221 km south of Belgrade, in the picturesque vale of the Moravica river, surrounded by wooded slopes of the Mts. Of Golija (the first and only biosphere preserve in our country), Javor, Mucanj, Malic and Cemernica, at 468 m above sea level. The climate of Ivanjica is moderate continental, with mild and fresh winters and sunny, fresh summers. The abundance of greenery and woods, absolute absence of fog and aerial pollution are a true rarity when talking about the characteristics of a resort.

Pure air and a specific climate, with mildly hot summers (up to 35 degrees Celsius) and mildly cold winters (up to –28 degrees Celsius), are the natural factors in Ivanjica. It is an ecologically clean, unpolluted and healthy environment, with an abundance of woods and greenery and complete absence of fog. It has been declared an air spa, and Mt. Golija is the only nature preserve of the biosphere in our country and is under protection of the state and UNESCO.

Medical indications : anaemias of various etiology, malignant haemopathy in total or partial remission, thrombocytopenia, leucopoenia of various etiology, convalescence after autogenic and allergenic transplants and with bone marrow deficiencies, chronic respiratory illnesses (bronchitis, asthma, emphysema).

Treatment is taken care of in the Institute for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of blood diseases "Ivanjica", located in the near vicinity of the town, surrounded by greenery, shady paths for walks, in a true oasis of peace.

Around the Moravica river area there are 40 churches, of which the most important are Kovilje monastery (medieval building from the first half of the 13th century), St. Kozma and Damnjan church in Ostatija (from the 17th century), the Holy Ascension church in Pridvorica (12th century), St. Nikola church in Brezova, St. Archangel Michael church in Prilike, St. Tzar Konstantin and Tzarina Jelena church in Ivanjica. The Studenica monastery is 43 km away from Ivanjica.

Other interesting sites in this area are: the Stone bridge, the waterfall on the Moravica river, the Hadzi-Prodanova cave, the grave of Bosko Jugovic (famous folk hero) with a church, the Roman bridge, the Ticar lake on Mt. Golija, several springs of mineral water.

The rivers of the Ivanjica area, which are, overall, 250 km long, are rich with all kinds of fish (freshwater trout, etc.) and are a true haven for fishermen.

A modern sports hall meets the requirements of top sportsmen – volleyball, basketball or handball players. Many football pitches, outdoor basketball and volleyball courts along with two indoor swimming pools and ski paths on Mt. Golija are definite proof of an advanced sports environment.