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Istok - spa resort & hotels

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The spa is in southwest Serbia, 80 km away from Pristina, in the wooded region of Prokletije and Mokra Gora mountains, at 535 m above sea level, and is a climatic resort with a moderate continental climate.

The spa has thermal mineral springs (the temperature of water is 49 degrees Celsius).

Medical indications: all forms of rheumatic illnesses (inflammatory, degenerative, metabolic), neurological illnesses: ticks and paralysis after central or peripheral motor neuron lesions, conditions after cerebral paralysis and neural surgery (discus hernia), traumatological illnesses – conditions after orthopaedic and limb surgery, cardiovascular illnesses – conditions after cardiac arrest and peripheral vascular insufficiency, skin diseases – psoriasis and chronic eczema, gynaecological illnesses – sterility, chronic adnoxites...

The favourite spots for excursions are: Pecka Patrijarsija, Visoki Decani, the remains of the Studenica Hvestanska church, the newly built church in the spa, the spring of the Beli Drim river, Rugovska gorge and the spring of the Istocka river.