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Hissarya (Hissar) - spa resort & hotels

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Hissarya is a town surrounded by parks and gardens. It is situated in the central part of the country, at the south foot of the mountain Sredna gora, not far from the famous Rose Valley, at 360 m above sea level. The climate is soft, with many sunny days; the autumn is long and dry, summers are hot, with an average temperature of 22°C, winters are short and mild, and the spring is warm and pleasant. The area is not windy.

The favorable combination of warm mineral waters, the climate, and geographical location has made the place attractive since antiquity.

A prehistoric settlement from founded near the mineral springs of Hyssarya in the late Neolithic Era, and the area has been inhabited ever since. In Thracian times there was a spa city, known at the beginning of the Roman period as Augusta and later under the name of Diocletianopolis. This was a large prosperous Roman town, made of white marble, with wide perpendicular streets, and famous for its healing mineral waters. The region surrounding the mineral springs was declared to be the Emperor’s property. Hissar is also known as “The Town of the Emperors.” Nowadays tourists may still visit the bath complex from these ancient times. During the Ottoman Empire Hissar obtained its name (fortress) and was a popular place for treating important Turkish individuals.

Nowadays Hissar is a popular spa resort, situated 42 km north from Plovdiv. The spa town attracts visitors with its heritage of Thracian and Roman architectural monuments, spiritual and cultural centers, original folklore and traditions. There are excellent conditions for relaxation and spa treatments, for green, rural, cultural, congress and holiday tourism - you may visit the Thracian tomb Starosel (24 km away), taste native wines, go hunting, fishing, learn Bulgarian folklore dances, etc.

The mineral waters are warm, tasty and especially good for drinking. They can be classified as low mineralized fluoride, radon, hydro-carbonate-sulfate-sodium and are used especially for the treatment and prophylaxis of disorders of the renal system, urinary tract, gastrointestinal and metabolic disorders.