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Dudince - spa resort & hotels

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The spa town of Dudince is set in picturesque surroundings, in which the power of unique mineral water combines with the healing effects of unspoiled nature. Thirty-two natural travertine rock pools called the Roman Spa make it clear that this combination of exceptional qualities was already known in antiquity.

The first written evidence of the existence of Dudince, then called Dyud, dates from 1248. In the past, the international “Via Magna” (Great Way) connecting Budapest with Krakow and the Baltic Sea went through Dudince. The mineral water has been used since the Middle Ages for the treatment of rheumatism, inflammation of the eyes, digestive and skin diseases, as can be seen in the works of Matěj Bel and Professor von Crantz in the 18th century. Around 1890, specialists from Vienna arrived in Dudince to investigate the springs, and, based on their findings, they were officially certified as curative in 1894. It was a breakthrough in the history of the spa, and awareness of their healing power started to spread. A most special visitor – the popular Empress Elizabeth, known as Sisi – was also convinced of their curative effect.

At that time the water was mostly used for drinking cures; it was even bottled and exported to America and Egypt at the beginning of the 20th century. At that time this advertising slogan was created: “The healing water of Dudince, Queen of all mineral waters”, and the first mineral pools were put into operation. Hugo Oberndorff, the owner of one of the springs, had a pool built for his family; the second was built by Filip Gutmann, after whom the pool and springs were leased by Kálmán Brázzay of Budapest.

After World War II, the history of Dudince as a spa town with comprehensive care started to be written – in the ‘50s extensive hydro-geological research was undertaken, and in the ‘60s the first bath houses began to be built. The unique mineral water helps in the treatment of locomotive, cardiovascular and nervous system diseases.

Technical analysis characterizes this water as “strongly mineralized, carbonic, hydrogen-carbonate-chloride, sodium-calcium water with additional boron, fluorine and magnesium, slightly acid, tepid and hypotonic”, with a natural temperature of 28°C and overall mineralization of 5.667 mg/l. The content of almost 1.600mg of carbon dioxide and 6mg of hydrogen-sulphide per litre makes the water unique worldwide.