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Devin - spa resort & hotels

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Devin is a spa town situated along the two banks of the river Devinska, in a small hilly pass in the heart of the Rhodope Mountains, at 710 m above sea level. The air is pure, the climate is healthy, fresh and cool, with many sunny days. The variety of hot mineral springs, the picturesque surroundings and the natural beauties, and the originality of the region makes Devin an attractive tourist and spa destination.

During your stay at the spa you may visit the architectural and ethnographic reserve “Shiroka laka” and hear authentic Bulgarian folklore music. You may also take a trip to the natural phenomena “Trigradsko jdrelo,” visit the caves “Dyavolsko garlo” (Devil’s gourge) and “Yagodinska,” take long walks through the protected area “Chairite” famous with its odd earth creeping lakes, meadows, spruce and beech forests, and ski at the famous winter resort Pamporovo, which is located 45 km away.

The mineral waters used at the resort are of two types: one is warm, low mineralized, fluoride, hydro-carbonate-sodium, with alkaline reaction; the other is hot, mineralized, with neutral reaction, rich in met-silica acid and fluoride, hydrocarbon-sulfate-sodium. Both types are used for drinking, inhalation and external applications, for treatment and prophylaxis of different diseases.