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Cesme - İzmir - spa resort & hotels

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Izmir is an ancient and beautiful city. Even though Izmir is the third largest city after Istanbul and Ankara, it has special features. It dominates Turkey’s Aegean Sea and coastline, and controls the inland routes. Its true destiny is to be one of Europe’s gateways to Asia/Anatolia. The meandering Gulf of Smyrna is magnificent, and the Great Peninsula that forms its southern shore is, as yet, little appreciated for its superb environmental and historic importance. Indeed, there are those who assert that its latitude of 38 26’ N not only produces ‘the world’s most perfect climate’, but also that it formed the test bed for the ancient Egyptian measuring system.

The fact is that when the Indo-Europeans invaded and colonized the area about 3,000 years ago they found a superb and luxurious matriarchal civilisation in place, from which the Amazon legends derived. Izmir has many traces of Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman civilisations. During your stay at a spa facility around Izmir, you can easily visit Ephesus, Sardis and Bergama, and walk in the footsteps of Homer, Agamemnon, Herodotus and Alexander. Visiting Christians will read all about St. Paul’s conflict with Diana of the Ephesians. It’s a mere 90 minutes by motorway to Efes. There, too, the Virgin Mary spent her last days. A stormy Byzantine political council proclaimed her ‘Mother of God’ in that same city 400 years later. Izmir Province is appropriately called ‘The Cradle of Western Civilization’.

26 km from the airport and 8 km from the city centre, Balçova Thermal Hotel is located among green pine forests in the Balçova district of İzmir. The Agamemnon Spa, which has been curing people since 1,400 B.C., continues to cure a range of illnesses within Alcove Thermal Facilities. The Alcove Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre is famous for its thermal waters, whether for flow or temperature, physical or chemical aspects, and is not only among the biggest and the most respected enterprises in Turkey, but also in Europe. It achieves a success rate of 95% for treatment of rheumatic, orthopaedic and neurological illnesses.

Ceşme lies an hour from Izmir, 29 km of craggy shoreline on one side, and fathom sounds inside the calm and smooth sea on the other side… Underwater exploration by divers has been devoted to figuring out the mysteries of the sea, while surfers and sailors dance with its winds… the constantly deep blue and pristine sea, smooth golden sands and northern winds give you any level of tan you wish with no risk of being bored.

Cesme is almost an earthly paradise with one of the most important surfing centres in Europe, Alacati City, bays suitable for the entire range of water sports, sandy beaches brilliantly reflecting the sunlight, thermal waters that have been scientifically proven to cure many illnesses, and seas fed by thermal springs, is not only one of the leading regions of health and sport tourism in Turkey, but in the whole world.