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Carlsbad (Karlovy Vary) - spa resort & hotels

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Carlsbad is the main spa town in West Bohemia, 360 – 644 m above sea level. It was founded around 1350 by Holy Roman Emperor and King of Bohemia, Charles IV. Its grand thoroughfares and colonnades are surrounded by tranquil wooded hills crisscrossed with paths providing views down to the spa at the bottom of the valley – great to walk at any time of the year. A busy social calendar, numerous festivals and international conferences make this, the largest spa town in the Czech Republic, one of the most popular places in the world and a favourite among the rich and famous. Carlsbad’s fame is also partly down to the famous Becherovka – a liqueur sometimes called the 13th spring; the Mattoni brand of mineral water, Carlsbad spa wafers and Moser crystal ware. The nearby international airport makes the town easy to reach.

Carlsbad’s 12 springs are rich in sodium, bicarbonate and sulphates. The different springs are very similar to each other as far as chemical composition is concerned but come out of the ground at different temperatures and contain differing amounts of CO2. Mineral-rich mud from a nearby source is also used in treatments. The water and mud are used to treat patients with digestive and musculoskeletal problems‚ diabetes and obesity.

18-hole golf course in beautiful natural surroundings – the oldest golf club in Bohemia, golf hall equipped with simulators; tennis courts; indoor and outdoor swimming pools; snooker, bowling and riding facilities; modern shooting range; skateboarding; karate; football; squash. Sightseeing flights over the town, regular concerts on the colonnades and in local churches, art auctions. The town also has museums with exhibitions devoted to nature, spas, porcelain and glass, a cinema, a theatre, dance halls, casinos and nightclubs.

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