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Bursa - spa resort & hotels

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Bursa (formerly known as Brusa, Greek: Prusa) is a city in north-western Turkey. With a population of more than two million inhabitants and an area of 11,000 km2, it is Turkey's fourth largest city. The city is famous for its ski resorts (on the mountain of Uludağ), Çekirge, Armutlu, Oylat and Gemlik thermal springs and spas, the mausoleums of Ottoman sultans, and the surrounding fertile plain. It is also the home of some famous Turkish foods, especially chestnut desserts and a meat dish called İskender kebab. The earliest known site at this location was Cius, which Philip V of Macedonia granted to the Bithynian King Prusias I in 202 BC, for his help against Pergamum and Heraclea Pontica, Prusias renamed the city Prusa after himself.

It later became a major city, located at the westernmost end of the famous Silk Road, and was the capital of the Ottoman Empire following its capture from the Byzantines in 1326 until the capture of Edirne in 1365. It remained an important administrative and commercial centre even after it lost its status as capital. Today, Bursa is a prominent tourist destination, with its level of social and economic development, natural attractions, thermal springs, abundant year round tourist facilities, historical and architectural heritage from the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires.

Bursa is also a major tourist attraction and one of the best ski resorts in Turkey is located in Bursa at Uludağ, as is ancient Nicaea where the four gospels were united.

There are four major thermal springs and many spa hotels within the Bursa city limits: Cekirge, Gemlik, Termal and Oylat. These spa locations have been used for treatment for thousands of years, since the beginning of the city’s history. Each of the four springs has different characteristics. The Cekirge region was especially popular for spa treatments under Byzantine and Ottoman rule. Today, you can observe the historical use of natural thermal water in Turkish Baths, many of which are still being used today for the same purposes in the fabulous architectural heritage of the region.