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Bogutovačka Banja - spa resort & hotels

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Bogutovacka Spa is situated in the mountain regions of central Serbia, 23 kilometres southwest of Kraljevo. It is located in a forest clearing on Mount Troglav at 520 meters above sea level, with a moderate continental climate that creates a very pleasant micro-climate suitable for health tourism.

The spa has a spring of curative mineral water, whose temperature range is between 24 and 27 degrees Celsius. This spa is well known as a place where there never is any fog, nor mixing of air currents or abrupt changes in the atmospheric pressure.

Medical indications: functional diseases of the nervous system, neuralgias, muscle pain caused by rheumatism, psychoneuroses (insomnia and headache), vegetative neuroses, inflammation of the nervous system, diseases of the coronary system caused by neurosis, high blood pressure, convalescence and menopausal disorders.

Treatment consists of bathing and drinking mineral water. Apart from the curative effect, Bogutovacka Spa offers excellent conditions for active rest and recreation: fishing, hunting, mountaineering, hiking, sport training, etc. Bogutovacka Spa is surrounded by woody mountains (Cemerno) which are convenient for hunting and picnicking, and the Ibar River, which is excellent for fishing and kayaking. In the surroundings of Bogutovacka Spa there are numerous cultural and historical monuments and monasteries: Studenica monastery, dating from the 12th century, 40 kilometres away; Zica monastery, dating from the 13th century, 18 kilometres away; the Maglic fortress, dating from the 14th century, 10 kilometres away. They all offer excellent conditions for organizing picnics and student excursions.