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Banja Vrdnik - spa resort & hotels

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Vrdnik Spa is located in the middle region of Srem, at the foot of Mount Fruska Gora, and is part of the Fruska Gora National Park, at 210 m above sea level. It has a moderate continental climate with warm, sunny days. Because of its excellent exposition, Vrdnik has 2200 hours of sun per year. The characteristics of its climate are also a very small quantity of rain and the absence of strong winds.

Vrdnik Spa has thermal water with a temperature constant of 32,5 degrees Celsius, which classifies it into hypothermal waters, with a wide spectre of influences on the human organism. Pure, unpolluted air with a large quantity of ozone classifies the spa into aerial spas.

Medical indications: all forms of rheumatic illnesses, post-operative and post-rheumatic conditions of the locomotive apparatus and the spine, diseases of the peripheral central motor neuron, various painful syndromes, convalescent states, respiratory and gynaecological illnesses, migraines, deformities of the spine and joints, sport injuries, recreation and general conditioning of the organism.

The Institute has modern equipment for practising all sorts of physical therapy and rehabilitation, under supervision of an expert team of specialist doctors and acupuncturists. With its specialized physio-acupuncture treatment the spa has had exceptional results.

In the Vrdnik Spa itself there is the Ravanica monastery and the Vrdnik Tower (a site dating from Roman times). In the vicinity of the spa, on the slopes of Mount Fruska Gora, there are 16 monasteries which, with their beauty and cultural importance, attract numerous visitors. The visitors of the spa have the opportunity of using an outdoor swimming pool, indoor swimming pools, sauna, as well as a football pitch, which is in the near vicinity of the Institute.