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Banja Palanački Kiseljak - spa resort & hotels

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Palanacki Kiseljak Spa is located near the town of Smederevska Palanka at 103 m above sea level.

In Palanacki Kiseljak there are four springs of mineral water.

The water of Palanacki Kiseljak Spa is tapped and bottled, and distributed on the market under the "Karadjordje" label.

Medical indications: general recovery of the organism, chronic diseases of the locomotive apparatus, rheumatic illnesses, spinal cord injuries, chronic peripheral nerves diseases, conditions after treatment of injuries, heart and blood vessels diseases, diabetes, urinary and digestive tract diseases.

Treatment and rehabilitation of patients is provided by the "Stefan Visoki" hospital, the mineral waters of Palanacki Kiseljak are used for drinking and bathing.

Palanacki Kiseljak Spa has a spacious park suitable for walks, rest and relaxation. In the near vicinity of the park there is an outdoor swimming pool for recreation and numerous buildings for various sports.

The vicinity of the town offers conditions for a varied cultural and entertainment programme for the guests of the spa. Excursions to the near and far vicinity can be organized; one can visit Velika Plana and Pokajnica, the Koporin monastery, Radovanjski wood, vine cellars in Krnjevo, and Topola and Oplenac (30 km away).