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Banja Koviljača - spa resort & hotels

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Koviljaca Spa is located in north-western Serbia. It is situated in the north-western part of Mount Gucevo, at 128 m above sea level.

Natural curative factors are sulphurous mineral waters with temperatures of 15 and 28 degrees Celsius and curative mud are the natural curative factors of Koviljaca Spa.

Medical indications: all forms of rheumatism, the locomotive apparatus illnesses, post-traumatic conditions, gynaecological and neurological illnesses.

The special hospital, first of its kind in our country, has a special ward for the rehabilitation of children.

Treatment is provided by the special hospital for rehabilitation "Banja Koviljaca", by bathing, drinking the water and applying mud wrappings, with the use of all the other physical therapy procedures: electro-, mechano-, magneto-, kinesi-, laser-, etc. therapies.

The spa is surrounded by a big and nicely decorated park, suitable for walks and recreation. On the nearby river Drina there are sites arranged for sports fishing.

The vicinity of the spa is rich with monuments: remains of old towns and fortresses on Mount Cer (Kosana's and Trojan's towns), Lesnica (Vidojevica), necropolis on Mount Brezjak, monumental burial grounds on Mounts Gucevo and Cer (from 1914), the monument dedicated to shot patriots in Draginac (1941), and in Koviljaca itself you can see the Gradac monastery and Koviljka's town. In the vicinity of the spa there are Trsic, the birthplace of Vuk Karadzic, and the Tronosa monastery, built in 1317, where Vuk learned his literary ways.