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Banja Gornja Trepča - spa resort & hotels

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Gornja Trepca Spa is located in south-western Sumadija. It is 159 km away from Belgrade and 19 km away from Cacak. Its average height above sea level is 460 m. The Gornja Trepca medical centre is situated in a quiet, peaceful, climatically pleasant and exceptionally beautiful ambient. The spa has a moderate continental climate, extremely mild and with very few oscillations in the yearly temperature average. This is affected by very rich plant life and vegetation. This type of climate has a soothing and invigorating effect on the organism.

Mildly radioactive thermal mineral waters of this spa have active biological effect on the human organism.

Medical indications: rheumatic diseases, neuro-psychiatric illnesses (multiplex sclerosis, post-myelitis and encephalomyelitis conditions, adhesive spinal arachnitis, post-rheumatic myelopathy, cerebral paralysis, mono and poly-neuritis, neuroses, neurasthenics, dystonic conditions, depressions), gastro-intestinal tract diseases, peripheral blood vessels diseases.

Treatment is provided by the spa's hospital under constant supervision of specialist doctors.

In the vicinity of Gornja Trepca Spa there are numerous cultural and historical monuments: the Vujan monastery, the church of the Holy Virgin Mother, an antique cemetery and a rich ethnographic heritage.

In the near vicinity of the spa there is an attractive hunting ground, rich with small game and fowl. Ten kilometres away from the spa is a famous stable with a school for horse-riding.