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Balıkesir - spa resort & hotels

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The city and province of Balikesir are situated in the northwest region of Anatolia, with shorelines on both the Marmara and Aegean seas. Many cultures have occupied this land, from 3200 BC to the present day. Balıkesir contains a great many natural attractions and historic sites, including Gönen thermal springs, Kirazli, churches, the Bird Paradise National Park, the Balikesir Museum, Kyzikos, and the Marmara islands...

Balıkesir province is famous for its olives, thermal spas and pristine beaches, making it an important tourist destination. The province also possesses immense deposits of Kaolinite, with some open-pit mines.

Gönen is a district of Balıkesir Province, located on the shores of the southern part of the Sea of Marmara. The town is mostly known for its therapeutic hot springs, leather processing and rice production. Gönen (BC) was first known as Asepsus, The name was changed to Artemea because of the abundant thermal springs. The city of Artemea belonged to the Byzantine Empire until 1334, when Orhan Gazi, the second Ottoman Emperor, conquered Gönen and attached the land to the Ottoman Empire. The city was filled with wonderful architectural examples, because the Kings of Byzantium and Bursa frequently came to take cures at the mineral springs of Gönen. Its archaeological inheritance made Gönen a famous city of its time. There are many historic artefacts, such as statues and writings, and a major bridge built by Iskender the Great after the Iranian war. There are also important historic sites, like Alacaoluk Castle, Babayaka Castle and Mozaik Museums from Byzantium.

Gönen’s spa hotels are situated in a very large (70,000m2) green park 300 meters from the city centre. The Gönen Thermal Complex has three hotels in this heavenly green park. The medicinal waters of Gönen are a mixed mineral water source consisting of sulphates, chloride, bicarbonate, sodium and various minerals, and has proven useful in the treatment of chronic illnesses through bathing, inhalation and drinking. These certified thermal springs are used in curing many illnesses like rheumatism, circulation problems, neuralgia, neuropathy, chronic urethral illnesses, gastric and intestinal problems, various types of calcification, symptom prevention under the control of a professional health team.