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Bad Wörishofen - spa resort & hotels

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A natural form of anti-aging in Bad Wörishofen
The Kneipp cure sets the trend

It means the freedom to relax whenever you like, and pamper yourself, body and soul:

Enjoy a few days of relaxation in one of our hotels or guest houses with a Wellness Weekend Package, including reflexology massage, whole body massage, LaStone therapy, water gymnastics, Qi gong, the Five Tibetans and beauty treatments; or what about a week-long special to check out a Kneipp cure and treatments to stimulate your circulation, or even a week's guided bicycle tour package.

The greatest variety of cuisine, including a weight-loss diet, as well as attractive wellness packages are available in all establishments. At over 600m above sea level, Bad Wörishofen in Allgäu provides a tranquil stay designed to recharge your batteries. Anti-aging is the latest trend. It is based on the perennial desire to remain young. And who wouldn't like to put one over on age? So it is no surprise that Father Kneipp's course of treatment is "in" again after more than a hundred years. What was formerly called a "Kneipp's cure" is today known as anti-aging at its best!

So Bad Wörishofen’s motto now is: "Take the Kneipp cure as Kneipp taught it." A warm hay pack before getting up, a refreshing cold affusion in the morning, gentle arm baths in the afternoon and 30 seconds of paddling for the legs in the evening. Guests can have a great time here: you can walk straight from your hotel room to the treatments in your bathrobe or, while still barely awake, you can have leg compresses in your own bed.

According to Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1897), invigorating water, nature treatments, nutritious food, inner harmony and physical activity are part of a healthy life. This is equivalent to any holistic health plan, and is unadulteratedly anti-aging. Perhaps Kneipp picked this small town, located about 80km from the Bavarian capital, for himself as "his" town just for the variety of its surroundings: fantastic lakes, enchanting hiking trails, untouched nature. Who wouldn't want to relax here for a while, to feel completely comfortable, far away from the hectic pace of everyday life? So, Kneipp's cures are available in both winter and summer, for, as Kneipp said at the time: "A cure in the winter has the same effect as two cures in the summer".

As a result the town, located in the middle of the Allgäu at a height of 635m, affords many opportunities for a healthy holiday. During the winter months, there are coach tours and sleigh rides, in spring and summer the surrounding area entices you on extended bicycle rides, and to artistic and cultural events all year round.

Enjoy a weekend or a week. Bad Wörishofen is also easy to get to by car, train or ‘plane.