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Archena - spa resort & hotels

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The Archena Spa is located in the southeast of Spain, 2 km from Archena, in the inland area of the province of Murcia, the warmest region on the peninsula. Just an hour's drive on the highway separates the spa from the Alicante airport.

The spa is next to the Segura River, in a quiet spot, an oasis of luxurious vegetation with abundant palm trees, eucalyptus, and lemon trees.

Archena is the most ancient spa in Spain, dating back to the Roman times, more than 2000 years ago. Already in those times, the Romans discovered the curing properties of these waters, and built a spa for their soldiers.

In the Middle Ages, the baths belonged to the Knights of Santiago and later on to the Holy Order of Saint John, who used the mineral waters to cure certain types of wounds.

In the 19th century, when the bourgeoisie introduced the fashion of taking the waters, the Archena Spa underwent architectural and conceptual changes to become a place of healing, rest, and luxury, for the upper classes.

Years later, with the arrival of beach tourism, Archena, the same as other spas entered into a phase of decadence until, a few decades ago it be to re-attract clients who appreciate the virtues of its waters. The majority of these come back year after year.

At the Archena Spa, we have a global concept of spa waters, covering not only the healing properties of spa waters but also envisaging its preventative properties for athletes, children, and of course as a reliever of work stress.

The Archena Spa is situated 102 meters above sea level and the average annual temperature is 17.8ºC.

Official presentation of the spa location:

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