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Anykščiai - spa resort & hotels

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Anykščiai has been granted the status of a resort territory because of its beautiful countryside, mineral springs, present-day and would-be spas, ski routes, and a growing network of recreational services. Anykščiai was a resort town in independent Lithuania between the two World Wars. This fact was one of the incentives to become a resort territory and, ultimately, a resort.

Anykščiai is a tiny bit of land surrounded by crystal-clear lakes. It is proud of its high mounds, rich cultural heritage and lovely countryside.

The lakes and rivers of the district of Anykščiai are wonderful to relax by. Lake Rubikiai, the most beautiful lake, can be reached by a narrow gauge railway. You will enjoy the natural beauty of the countryside, taste local wine in the restaurant car, be entertained by a village music band and might even be “attacked” by Tadas Blinda, a Lithuanian equivalent of Robin Hood and his Merry Men.

The River Šventoji attracts more and more water sports lovers who go down the river with canoes and rafts. The Horse Museum is located in Niūronys village near the river. The annual festival of folklore and sports called “Run, Stallion, Run” takes place in the territory of the Horse Museum on the first weekend of June 2008.

Welcome to the realm of nature!